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steps to access Hormone Therapy


In the State of California, trans people have strong protections and rights when wanting to pursue their medically necessary care, including hormone therapy, gender affirming surgery, and other gender affirming procedures. 


Your insurance should cover your hormone therapy, and you have the legal right to access this care for yourself. 


Your primary care doctor can and should prescribe your hormones, but if they decide not to they ultimately have a legal responsibility to refer you to someone that will. 

Step 1:

Do you have  a Primary Care Provider?


No: Please see this page for the steps to get set up with a primary care provider (Insert Link to section for finding primary care)


Yes: Please continue to the next step. 


Step 2:

Asses your relationship with your provider. Do you feel comfortable asking them to prescribe hormones for you?

 onsider the length of time you have known your provider


Taking into account your previous interactions with your provider, do you feel comfortable in approaching and asking them to prescribe hormones for you?


Are you out to your doctor? If not, would you feel comfortable coming out to your doctor?

Step 3:

If you have a Primary Care Provider, contact them to express your interest in starting hormones.

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Template for having a conversation with your provider

Hormone care is within the scope of primary care and your primary care provider has the ability to prescribe and manage your hormone prescription. Tell your provider that you would like to start hormone replacement therapy under their care. 

“Hello Dr. ____________


I am writing/calling to see what my options are in starting hormone replacement therapy as the next step in my transition. I am informed of the risks and benefits associated with this treatment and consent to moving forward. Please advise on our next steps in starting this process.”

Step 4:

Your doctor will do one of these things: 

  • Move forward with starting hormone therapy (by scheduling labs, an initial appointment, etc.)

  • Refer you to a mental health therapist for further evaluation 

  • Or decline to provide hormone replacement therapy 


If your doctor refers you to mental health or declines to provide hormone care, please contact a GHC advocate for assistance.


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