A coalition of activists drop a banner on I-5 during Week of Action for Trans Immigrants (May 25 - 31, 2020) organized by Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement. 


farm to queer

Farm to Queer is a virtual respite option that is meant to aid folks in getting their food and self-care needs bolstered. As we cannot offer physical space at this time we would like to reach out to our Trans and GNC community members in this way during Covid-19 by facilitating quick pick-ups or porch pick-ups of the following items: food packages include things like fresh produce (some of which is provided by the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op!), shelf stable staples, and other foods. Care packages include items like candles, handmade soaps, bath bombs, face masks, art supplies, and more! Each package varies but we are doing our best to provide support to all. For any questions on this program, ways to partner or with us, or information on donations to our program of any of the above items please email harvey@ghcmail.org.


Nghĩa Á Nguyễn, Rian Lyn Buhacoff, Victoria Castro, Still Here March 2019

Still Here : Alliance for Trans Rights

Inspired by Miss Major Griffin-Gracy’s message : “We have to look out for one another because we're all we got. The rest of the world doesn't really give a shit whether we live or die. And the thing is, when the dust settles, I want a whole bunch of transgender folks to stand up and say, I"m still fucking here,” Still Here, a collective of trans-led organizers in the Sacramento area began meeting at the Gender Health Center to organize and strategize on how we can create the space and possibles for our survival, livelihood and thriving spirit. In October of 2018, the Trump administration had begun it’s attacks on many marginalized communities, Still Here came out of Queer and Transgender people’s will and power to stand up and fight back against White Supremacy, against Cis-Het Patriachal systems, and against Capitalism. 

When the New York Times leaked the memo that this Administration would challenge the Title XI protections for transgender people, #StillHere and the Gender Health Center rallied at Winn Park in protestations against these barbaric attacks from the federal government.  Then later on November 10th, amidst a massive fire that burned across California, #StillHere rallied at the Capitol with over 500 marchers and attendees. Jason Pierce, one of the few media to report about the Trans Rally and March on that treacherous day in the Sac City Express. 

Following the traditions of the #QueerLiberationMovement, #StillHere believe that abolition is key and central to Queer and Transgender liberation because the Police State and the Prison Industrial Complex is part and parcel to our communities’ oppression. For the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion and the death anniversary of Roxsana Hernandez, #StillHere teamed up with Familia: Trans and Queer Liberation for a National Week of Action where Sacramento LGBT activist held their protest at the Sacramento Field Office of Citizenship and Immigration Services building in downtown Sacramento and marched for both transgender asylum seekers: Roxsana Hernandez and Johana Medina who were killed by the neglience of this federal US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. 

2019 also marked a pivotal moment in Sacramento Pride history because of its first attempt to challenge the mainstream corporate Pride celebration and its involvement with the Sacramento Police Department. The #ReclaimPride Protests were planned in early 2019 but it became local attention when the Sacramento LGBT Center failed to honor its decision to keep LGBT police officers out of uniform for the Pride Parade segment. This local Sacramento team of powerful and fierce community organizers and activists continue to do the work of building transgender and queer power in the community. 

Facebook: @StillHere4TransRights

Instagram: @StillHere4TransRights

still here press 



Westboro Baptist Church



Leaked Memo



#WontBeErased Rally



#StillHere March and Rally



Equal rights for all; Sacramento trans community marches for justice





Trans Awareness Week and Trans Day of Remembrance





Sacramento LGBTQ community rallies for transgender women who died in ICE custody


#StillHere Alliance to protest police participation at Sacramento Pride on Sunday : https://www.sacbee.com/news/local/article231275008.html


Protest At Sacramento’s Pride Festival Sparks Discussion Of How To Impact Change Within LGBTQ Community



The Freedom Fighting Five



California overhauls sex education guidance for teachers



Black Trans Oral Project 

The B.Trans Project is organized by a collective of Black trans scholars looking to record, amplify, and highlight the life stories of Black trans folks in our communities. The animating spirit of this project is for Black trans people to codify the stories within our community and to center a "For Us, By Us" ethic in creating and sharing our experiences.


Why Is This Important?

To be blunt, we are dying. Since news and media sources began reporting on the deaths of trans people we have seen a disproportionate number of Black trans people  - particularly Black trans women - whose lives have been cut short. We urgently want to share our stories, and hear stories from others, because of the social and physical death which accompanies being a Black trans person in the world.


Composed of three Black trans scholars, the goal of our collective is to amplify, record, and uplift others within the Black trans community.

Blu Buchanan


Blu is a Black, non-binary researcher based in Davis, CA. They're currently A.B.D. (all but dissertation) in the UC Davis sociology department.

Ayotunde Ikuku


Ayotunde is a double major in Sociology and Ethnic Studies, with an emphasis on LGBTQ+ experiences, at the Los Rios Community Colleges. They also organize both locally and online around a number of social and economic issues.

Naomi Simmons-Thorne

She/Her or They/Them

Naomi is a qualitative researcher and philosopher-sociologist. She is a senior at the University of South Carolina and a fellow at the Research Institute For Scholars of Equity

Project website:


in the spirit of stonewall 

In May of 2020 The Gender Health Center and The Sacramento LGBT Community Center launched a fundraiser meant to provide direct monetary assistance to Sacramento QTPOC most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

These disaster relief funds are to prioritize community members most economically impacted by COVID-19 including people of color, trans and non-binary folks, asylum seeking and undocumented folks, and those ineligible to receive a stimulus relief check.


We successfully met our fundraising goal of $10,000 and are currently awarding funds to applicants. 

Applications are currently open to receive funds.

For questions on how to apply in English or Spanish, or to apply via phone, please contact (916) 442-0185 Monday-Friday 12 - 4 P.M.

Please complete the following application to determine if you are eligible. You must be 18+ to apply.


English application:

La aplicación está disponible en español :

Link to Tiếng Việt app:

in the spirit of stonewall press

Local advocates raise funds for those in LGBTQ community impacted by COVID-19



Sac Street EMS Team in Sacramento, CA

Sac Street EMS 

Through the uprising that followed the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and many others at the hands of law enforcement, we have worked in partnership with other organizations to both be in the streets and also to offer support to those on the frontlines standing up against a brutal and violent police state. Black lives and Black Trans Lives are sacred and we do all we can, as an organization and as individuals, to fight towards the abolition of police, governments, and all systems that oppress and marginalize Queer/Trans People of Color. 

In June of 2020 we began collecting donations of water, snacks and medical supplies for protestors who were hitting the streets day and night and needing nourishment and care. We received so many donations that we organized a medical tent, in partnership with what quickly becamSac Street EMS. 

Sac Steet EMS is a volunteer EMS group that provides entirely free and volunteer based Emergency Medical Services for social justice events and actions in the Sacramento area. They bring a medical tent to local Sacramento actions and send out volunteers with water and supplies to where they are needed. 

Facebook: @SacStreetEMS

Instagram: @Sacramentostreetems


Sacramento community joins up to collect donations to help with the fight for change


Image by Jeremy Thomas
Image by Paweł Czerwiński



asian + Pacific Islander heritage month

In May of 2020 GHC Celebated Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage month with coloring sheets honoring Trans community leaders and activists. 


Thongxy Phansopha

download pdf

Alok Vaid-Meno

download pdf

Ilma'Shallah Aleem Syed

download pdf

Ryan Kim Tiêu Cītlali

download pdf

Rimi Anjali 

download pdf

Tita Aida

download pdf


download pdf

Tamara Ching

download pdf

Rose Lilith Albano Luzada

download pdf

Nghĩa Á Nguyễn
download pdf

Cecilia Chung 

download pdf


black history month

In February of 2020 we honored Black Trans revolutionaries who shine and inspire. 


Blu Buchanan

download pdf

Ebony Ava Harper

download pdf

Mia Karisa 

download pdf

Ayotunde Khyree Ikuku 

download pdf

Valerie Spencer

download pdf

Miss Major

download pdf 1

download pdf 2

Lucy Hicks Anderson

download pdf

Marsha P. Johnson
download pdf


download pdf


download pdf

Little Axe 

download pdf


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