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The First Brick

Transgender Week of Awareness 2020

The International Transgender Day of Remembrance memorializes those who have suffered violent deaths due to their actual or perceived gender identity or expression. The first memorial was a candlelight vigil in November 1999 to honor Rita Hester, murdered in 1998. Since then, annual memorials on November 20th have been observed around the world. The week leading up to TDoR is called Transgender Week of Awareness (TWoA). 


This year we are honoring TWoA a bit differently due to the global pandemic which has impacted us all. We are planning a week-long virtual celebration on our social media, partnering with other organizations who will provide trans centered content focusing on self care and healing. We are calling this celebration THE FIRST BRICK, in honor of our revolutionary transcestors, such as Marsha Pay-it-No-Mind Johnson, who threw the first brick at the Stonewall Uprising in 1969, giving way to what became our modern day Pride movement. 


Transgender Awareness Week Schedule









Friday November 20

  • Educational Documentary about Marsha P 

  • or a live talk about Black Trans Women 

  • talk about the origins of the brick and why we are using the brick 

  • Live count up of how much money we have raised 

  • Read the name of largest donors live 

  • Video (The history of tdor, The issues that trans people have to deal with, How we’re not remembered , We don’t get our roses while we’re alive, If you have lost a trans person in your life) 

  • Live introduction of our Transgender Memorial Project 

Our Memorial 

Remembering our lost transgender ancestors and siblings 

Gender Health Center is creating a physical memorial, to be located in Sacramento, CA, which will be a reflective space to honor transgender people past and present and future. We are launching work on the event during TWoA in 2020 and plan to unveil the structure on International Transgender Day of Visibility in the Spring of 2021. 

The structure will be made up of bricks, to honor the brick throwers whose actions are the pillars of our modern day fight or liberation. Each brick will be engraved with the name of a transgender or gender nonconforming person. To sponsor a brick, or to have the name of your loved one engraved on a brick, please click here. 

at a glance

  • The memorial structure will be located on the corner of 20th and J street in Sacramento, CA in front of the LGBT Center 

  • While plans for the structure have not been finalized, the memorial will incorporate bricks engraved with the names of transgender or gender non conforming people, it will have a seating area, and will incorporate art as well as natural plants, herbs, or flowers. 

  • We will commission local trans artists of color and will work with local ethical builders for the brick work.

  • The structure will be paid for by sponsorships from the community

  • The structure will be place to remember, appreciate, joy

  • We will honor both transestors and trans revolutionaries, trans folks lost to state or community violence, as well as transgender or gender non conforming community being lifted friends and family honoring them. 

memorial mockup.jpg

Rough concept sketch of  the memorial honoring transgender and gender nonconforming folks, coming to 20th + J St in Sacramento, CA in the Spring of 2021. 

Image by Tina Witherspoon


Each brick in our structure will be sponsored by one of you, and each brick will hold and uplift the name of a transgender person who has passed away. Brick by brick we will create this memorial together. 

Individuals may "purchase" a brick on a sliding scale. Don't have to pay.

We have spaces available for companies? The gold bricks ? maybe they are blank so that the names don't have hierarchy over each other just because someone paid more for them. maybe the row at the bottom is gold bricks or they can be scattered around, and those can be sponsored by donations of 5000 or more. The brick in our structure won't have your name on it, but we will give you a gold brick award to hang on to, saying that you uplifted transgender rights. 

please complete our brick sponsorship form