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Maddi Behrouzmand-Stratton, Advocacy Program Manager and GHC peer advocate. photo by Irina Beffa.

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Our advocacy program was created to address a need in our community, Life is complicated and once in a while we all need a little help figuring out what to do next. Our advocacy program may be able to help, it's totally free.

Transition is a personal process that is different for everyone. As with many things in life, there is more than one road to take and none of them are wrong.


Nghĩa Á Nguyễn, Community Advocacy/Mobilization Coordinator and GHC peer advocate.

photo by Maddi Behrouzmand-Stratton,

Nghĩa Á Nguyễn, Community Advocacy/ Mobilization Coordinator and GHC peer advocate. photo by Maddi Behrouzmand-Stratton,

Advocacy Services 

The program works to connect community members with community resources, and to assist community members in navigating all GHC services when appropriate, such as counseling, name and gender change assistance, health care navigation, referral to legal aid, health care enrollment, hormone clinic and other GHC Services.

Name and Gender Change Paperwork Assistance 

Advocates assist clients in filling out name and gender change court paperwork and identity documents, such as driver license, birth certificate, passport and social security changes; become familiar with the court process for changing name and gender; provide information to clients around the process for legal name and gender change.


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Mon - Fri

10am to 6pm

(At this time we are only providing support over the phone, video, or email. We are unable to do in person appointments.)  

To connect with an advocate please contact the Gender Health Center at 916-455-2391


Gender Health Center

2020 29th Street

Suite 201

Sacramento, CA 95817



Updated COVID-19

Statewide Shutdown Hours

Reception/Front Desk

Monday - Friday 9 - 5

Open Remotely 

Danelle's Place Respite Center

Monday - Friday 12 - 3

Physically Open



Monday - Friday 10 - 8

Phone + Video Sessions


Monday - Friday 10 - 8

Phone + Video Sessions

Harm Reduction

Monday - Friday 12 - 3

Physically Open

Gender Health Center 

2020 29th Street, Suite 201 
Sacramento, CA 95817 


Ph 916.455.2391

Fax 916.455.2393 

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