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Letter Assessments


Purpose of Letter Assessments 

Currently, insurance companies may require a letter from a mental health professional providing documentation of personal and treatment history, medical necessity, and eligibility for hormones or surgery. GHC recognizes that this is a form of gatekeeping and will continue to provide this service in order to alleviate barriers caused by our medical system.

Types of Gender Affirming Care


Hormone Therapy consists of feminizing (estrogen) or masculinizing (testosterone) hormones. Some Transgender people take hormones as a part of transitioning to become more aligned with their gender identity.

Top Surgery 

Top surgery is another name for chest masculinization or feminization. Gender affirming  surgery care can address gender dysphoria, which occurs when gender identity does not correspond to sex assigned at birth.

Bottom Surgery

Bottom Surgery is another name for gender confirmation surgery. It refers to the plastic surgical procedures performed on the genitals to affirm gender identity. This process is one of the many options of gender affirming care. 

Hormone Blockers

Hormone blockers, also known as puberty blockers, help delay unwanted physical changes that don't match someone's gender identity. 

"I needed information on how to get gender affirming surgeries covered by my insurance. With a few emails and text messages with the people at Gender Health Center they told me everything I needed to know and more..."

Community Member Sasha

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