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Our Projects

The GHC periodically has special projects that support community members. To stay updated with our fundraising campaigns, please follow us on our social media. 

Black Trans Fund 2022

The reasons to support the Black Trans Power Fund are more important and urgent than ever. Anti-transgender violence is at an all-time high. That coupled with institutional barriers like food insecurity and homelessness (that Black transgender and gender-variant people face at a higher rate) can be deadly.

The Black Trans Power Fund (BTPF) serves to collect funds from sources like Gender Health Center's staff, board members, and community partners as well as people like you within the community at large. With that centralized fund, we are able to redistribute cash aid to Black Transgender and Gender Variant people in need.

Quality Time

Black History Month 2021

For Black History Month 2021, you helped us support 20 Black trans people by raising $5,110 through more than 25 individual donations. 

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10K Goal Accomplished

We set out to raise $10k for our community members. With the help of you and the Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce we were able to raise nearly $11k. 

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GHC Matches Funds

The GHC committed to $2,311 matching funds, meaning we would match up to $2,311 once received by community members. 

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