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Gender Health Center is a trans and

POC-led, grassroots nonprofit organization located in Sacramento, CA 

Gender Health Center (GHC) centers Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC) in our services, discussions, goals and vision.

We are now open at our new location! Please keep in mind that other than Harm Reduction Services, we are open by appointment only. 


Front Desk hours are  M-F, 9 am-5 pm and closed for lunch at noon. If you call during non-business hours, please make sure to leave a message and our staff will return your call.

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Here's the thing.

The $5 you donate today matters.

The $20 you send our way every payday does wonders.


Together, these types of contributions have truly made the difference for our organization and the programs we provide for community.

Donate here!


Don't forget to tick the "Make this a monthly donation" box if you'd like to set up a recurring donation.  

GHC CRDP Final Report

Access GHC's CDEP Final Local Evaluation Report Here: 

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