The Gender Health Center presently relies on individual donations and fundraisers in order to survive and function to give you the best, most ethically driven services possible. To be instrumental in providing services, we believe that putting all donations to work for you in the most effective way possible is urgent. We work hard to be transparent, ethical, and radical in all that we do. In order to continue doing this work, we need your contribution; it is the life-blood of our organization. 

why support trans orgs like ghc?

Transgender funding accounts for less than 7 percent of the funding awarded to LGBTQ issues in general.

While corporate foundations have greatly increased their lesbian and gay grantmaking in the last decade, they have not yet made significant investments in the transgender community.

— Funders for LGBTQ Issues • February 2015


Trans groups operate with very low budgets. Almost half of trans groups reported having no savings, while just under one in five reported having six months or more of funding in reserve.


Autonomous trans groups and trans groups with small budgets face a disadvantage in accessing government funding. Trans programs of larger organizations are more likely to receive funding from state/provincial governments than are autonomous trans groups.


The lack of access to government funding has significant implications for the level of resources that are flowing to trans groups across the world.


Trans groups are resourceful in obtaining cash or in-kind donations or raising funds from their communities in other ways.

— The State of Trans Organizing Report • 2015

Image by Thor Alvis